For information on tickets click here.

Basic stuff you need to know about your ticket:

  • Your ticket (online voucher) will be exchanged to a wristband at the entrance. Please don’t forget to bring your valid ID or passport as with our new check-in system you can only get your wristband when it is personalized.
  • All rights related to the ticket are solely represented by the code on the ticket - you are not sure about what your ticket includes?
  • Vouchers are not personalized and are not connected to a specific person, so the first person who presents the code on the ticket will receive the wristband. However from this year, wristbands are personalized, that’s why we have the check-in system where you need to present a valid ID or passport.
  • In case of fraud (e.g.: earlier, unauthorised entry with the code) Sziget shall not hand over the wristband or a new ticket even to the holder of the printed ticket. Sziget shall not be liable in case of a fraud
  • Keep your code safe and don't let anyone make copies, photos or recordings of your ticket


  • You can only get your wristband if you present a valid ID or passport. More information about our check-in system!  
  • Wristbands are only valid if you wear it on your wrist
  • Wristbands that are damaged, glued, cut, with a patent undone, broader than the hand are considered as invalid!
  • Wristbands are non-transferable to another person
  • Damaged and lost wristbands cannot be replaced

Ticket forgers and those participating in forging will be prosecuted. 

Please note that the organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program.

From 2016 there will be an additional check-in system at Sziget Festival. This will happen at the entrance of the festival, when you are just about to get your pretty wristband.

The check-in will ensure the personalization of the wristbands. Your vouchers (with a barcode/QR code) that you’ve received when purchasing your tickets for Sziget are not personalied (they do not indicate a name), so when you are exchanging your voucher to a wristband our colleague will ask for a valid ID from you, you will be asked to scan it and you will then receive your wristband.

The personalization is important, because this way we hope to roll back those who would use tickets with a bad intention as well as we aim to filter persons who are on an international arrest warrant list or  on an international watch-list. Data scanned from your valid ID or passport will be stored according to the Data Protection Laws of Hungary and the EU.



Do I need any specific document to enter Sziget?

  • You will need your voucher you received via email having your barcode or QR code and a valid ID or passport.


What happens if I leave my ID at home / lose my documents?

  • We really hope this will not be the case. We are positive that all of you travel with at least your ID or even your passport. In case you won’t have a valid document, you will be asked to go to the ‘Problematic Ticket’ point.


What happens if I don’t have a voucher and would like to buy my ticket on-site?

  • The same process applies for those, who buy their tickets on-site. When purchasing the ticket at the ‘Tickets’ booth an ID will be asked for the personalization of the wristband. However we recommend everyone to buy their tickets in advance as tickets are selling out real quick.


Will the entry to the festival take longer?

  • We are working with all measures and staff to make the entry to the festival as quick as possible. This should not take more time than usual.


Is there a safe place I can store my documents on the island?

  • We recommend you to get a locker, what you can use all week.


I attended Sziget several occasions. How will this be different for me?

  • Until now you did not need a valid ID to present at the exchange points. From now on, you will have to present your ID to receive your wristband. As previous practice showed, Szitizens collected the wristbands for friends as well. This will not be possible as the personalization of the wristbands and the IDs will need to be shown by each individual.


The objective of data management is to ensure the personal security of visitors attending Sziget Festival and its legal basis is the consent of the visitors granted by participating in the checkin process. Sziget Ltd deletes the recorded data after seventy-two hours following the official closing of the festival, except in the cases written in Clause 4.5 of the Data Protection Policy. The recorded data will not be forwarded to third parties, unless requested by authorities. Data Protection Policy is accessible at the link below.

You can buy your tickets right away in our webshop. To find more information on our local Sziget retailers, please click here.

You can also buy your ticket on spot by cash or card, but we advise you to buy it in advance for a discounted price and to avoid long lines at the entrance. Don’t forget to have your ID or passport with you as you will need it to get your wristband! More about the check-in system!

In case you bought or about to buy tickets in our webshop, please click here to reach our Helpdesk.

In case you bought or about to buy your ticket from one of our official retail partners, please contact them

To enter the Island you will definitely need your code (bar code, QR code). So, don't forget it!

If you have it on your smart phone in a PDF format, that’s also great! To check-in to the festival it is a must from this year to present a valid ID or passport to receive your wristband! Please check more information on this and try not to forget your personal identification document!  

Please note that tickets are non-refundable. However if you can't come for some reason you can always give it to a friend as the vouchers are not personalized.

In case you need a visa to come to Hungary and visit Sziget Festival, we advise you the following:

At the consulate usually they accept the 7 Days pass as a proof of accommodation that is actually needed for the visa. In case this did not work and your request was denied, please contact our team via our helpdesk.

If you have problems getting into the consulate you should try to arrange your visa through a travel agency (especially close to the festival date), probably they can help you out.

The smallest Szitizens are welcome to Sziget as well! Children under the age of 11 (date of birth after 16th August 2006) can enter the Island of Freedom free of charge, but they need to wear a child wristband. The adult accompany of the children must write their phone contact and the name of the child(ren)'s name on the wristband. You can apply for these child wristbands at the entrance.

Kids under the age of 14 can enter and stay at the venue only with an adult. Child wristbands are obligatory for them as well.

Family Camping for a peaceful stay on the Island is still available. Check for details here!

"Peaceful" pets (typically meaning : dogs, ferrets, certain murine-types) are welcome to Sziget.

  • Alcohol: no alcohol in any quantity is allowed
  • Illegal drugs and any stimulants: please don't...
  • Gas heaters and gas containers: no cooking on the Island, we have plenty of options for you when it comes to eating.
  • Pyrotechnical objects: we are well-prepared to amaze you with our pyrotechnical shows
  • Glass: very dangerous....
  • Striking and cutting tools: ​no striking and no cutting...this is obvious, right?
  • Umbrellas: please bring a raincoat instead
  • Any objects endangering others’ physical health: according to valid laws, you are not allowed to carry objects specifically endangering public safety (knives with a blade longer than 8 cm, switch knives, gas sprays, black jacks, etc.) Products of such nature must be handed to the security service at the entrance in custody, so that they can check them

If you are not sure whether one of your objects can be brought in to the island or not, please contact our Helpdesk to avoid inconveniences at the entrance.

  • Food: Bring your own food to the area, but make sure it is not brought in commercial quantity. Local store will be available on site and many food stalls and drink bars are on the Island!
  • Drinks: non-alcoholic beverages can be brought into the festival: 1 PET bottle / maximum 2,5 liter / Szitizen
  • Cigarettes: maximum 20 packs of cigarettes, 10 packs of cigarillos and 10 pieces of cigars are allowed / Szitizen
  • Your voucher (QR code/barcode) and your valid ID or passport!
  • Waterproof tent, sleeping bag, mattress, torch and batteries....but in case you forgot we will have a superb camping store on-site, so you can buy everything you need!
  • Closed shoes, sandals, flip flops
  • Hygienic accessories, towel, bandaid, germ-killer, medication you need to take regularly, detergent
  • Cap, sunglasses, rain jacket, warm clothes, socks, bathing suit
  • Sun tan lotion, crème against mosquitoes and ticks

Camping entry to VIP / Apero / Alternativa / Siesta / Bridge / Family upgrade campings

  • You can get your camping wristband at the camping reception! So, not together with your entry ticket. 
  • Please ask any question from our staff at the 24/7 receptions!
  • Opening hour: 6 PM, Sunday, 6th August ( Before 6 AM, 9th August, 2017 you need to have an additional Moving-in ticket)
  • You will have to leave the camping areas by 8 AM, Wednesday, 16th August
  • If you find any potentially dangerous tools or animals (snakes, wasps, dogs without owners) at the premises of the campsite, please report it to the reception immediately! 

Building a tent

  • Please note the following when you are building a tent:
  • Tent for 1-2 person - use no more than 2x2 meter
  • Tent for 3-4 person - use no more than 4x2 meter
  • Build your tents next to each other, not in a circle
  • Pavilions are not allowed
  • Reserving places is not allowed, camping spots are taken first come first serve way
  • Follow the instruction of the staff!

Pre-bought camping items:

  • Pre-bought camping items as camping sets, airbeds, blankets, camping mattresses, travel sheets, sleeping bags can be collected in the Sziget City Center, next to the Information at the Camping Service Point
  • In case you have not reported the damage caused, we will count compensation for the damage at the return

Good to know:

  • If you found something, please take it to the Lost&Found point at the Sziget City Center, so the sad owner can find it over there
  • You can charge your belongings at the re-charging points, indicated on the map
  • Intentional damage caused to visitor's or Sziget’s property will be followed by legal consequences and will result in cutting of the Sziget wristband!
  • Please respect your fellow Szitizens! If your behavior is disturbing to the other Szitizens ( as loud music, shouting, aggressive manners, etc.) you can be asked to leave the camping area by the organizers

Have fun!

On-site there will be several stores where you can buy the most important stuff you might need.

Sziget is known for a very cozy and nice camping society. Be part of this and make good friends and say hello to your neighbors! Peek into a Sziget 2013 morning

Camp with your kids in our dedicated Family Camping!

Check out some kids experience at Sziget 2013

Detailed information coming soon!

Please keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to light campfires at the entire festival area! It is also forbidden to bring in gas-cylinders, which means there’s no possibility to cook for yourself. If you wish to have a campfire to create a cozy atmosphere, please visit our official Campfire venue instead where you can enjoy nice music and a unique vibe.

Generally there is no free-to-use electrical outlets available in the camping area and we kindly ask you not to bring a generator to the Island. You can charge your most important devices at the charging points. 

There are several toilet facilities available for you on the spot! We kindly ask you not to use trees, bushes and green areas as toilets.
Shower facilities can be used with a 7 Days Pass or a 5 Days Pass only or day tickets for two consecutive days. Please keep the showers and toilets as clean as possible and try to avoid wasting water.

In the shower facilities you will find plugs for hairdryers, hair straighteners and also mirrors.

When picking your camping spot please avoid major walking paths and the routes of service vehicles.

We kindly ask you to follow these instructions regarding tent sizes: 

Tent for 1-2 persons: 2 x 2 meters

Tent for 3-4 persons: 4 x 2 meters

Please note that gazebos (e.g. party tents with or without side panels) are only allowed to areas with sufficient capacity for fellow campers

You can find potable water at Sziget. If tapwater is non-potable we indicate it on the Island.

With your 7 Days Pass and 5 Days Pass you can camp on-site on a first come first serve basis. In addition, if you have two or more day tickets for consecutive days, you are also entitled to camp on the Island. Choose from camping upgrade options, caravan camping (if arriving with your own caravan), VIP Camping, etc.!

Upgraded campings have enhanced security and several service options within the camping area.

In case you are staying somewhere in the city and plan to get to Sziget by public transportation, plan your exact route with the help of the route planner of the Budapest transportation network.

The nearest public transportation station to Sziget is by the HÉV line (suburban railway - H5), called Filatorigát. The train runs every 10 minutes during the day to Sziget and also during the night in every 15-20 minutes. 

Detailed information on parking options will be available soon!
Budapest has three major train stations: Nyugati Pályaudvar, Keleti Pályaudvar, Déli Pályaudvar. From any of these train stations you can get to Sziget very easily by public transportation. Plan the best route to the festival via the BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) route planner site.
But we also have some tips:
From Nyugati Pályaudvar (20-25 minutes):
  1. Take Tram 4-6 (right in front of the station) towards Széll Kálmán Tér. Get off the tram at the third stop called Margit Híd-Budai Hídfő. You will cross the Danube on the beautiful Margharet Bridge. On one side you can see the Margharet Island and on the other side you can see the Parliament and also the Castle!
  2. At Margit Híd-Budai Hídfő take the stairs and get on the HÉV towards Szentende / Békásmegyer. The Sziget stop is called Filatorigát (4th stop). Get off here and follow the crowd until the entrance!

From Keleti Pályaudvar (40-45 minutes):

  1. Look for the metro sign at the station! You should get on Metro 2 - Red Line towards Déli Pályaudvar. Travel on this air-conditioned, comfy vehicle until Batthyányi Tér (5th stop).
  2. At the Batthyányi Tér station look for the HÉV lines and get on this train-like wagon chain and ride until Filatorigát (5th stop). Get off here and follow the crowd until the entrance!

From Déli Pályaudvar (25-30 minutes):

  1. Look for the metro sign at the station! You should get on Metro 2 - Red Line towards Örs Vezér Tér. Travel on this air-conditioned, comfy vehicle until Batthyányi Tér (2nd stop). 
  2. At the Batthyányi Tér station look for the HÉV lines and get on this train-like wagon chain and ride until Filatorigát (5th stop). Get off here and follow the crowd until the entrance!


Planes to Budapest arrive to Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD). From the airport you can easily get to Sziget with a direct shuttle that you can use for free with your Sziget-Budapest Citypass.
These shuttle buses will run between Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2) and Sziget (H-Bridge entrance). Details of the shuttle will arrive in May!
You can also get in the city by public transportation by taking the 200E bus that takes you to the M3 metro station. For more on public transportation within Budapest, click here!

On a beautiful island full of wonders in the heart of Budapest!

Budapest, Óbudai-sziget (Óbuda Island).


Budapest is a great city with a very extensive transportation network. Sziget is located exactly at the Filatorigát stop of the HÉV (suburban railway – H5). 
Good to know: tram no. 6 operates during the night for the entire week of the festival with a more frequent schedule as well as night buses no. 901 and 918.
We advise to park your car at one of the official Sziget parking lots and allow yourself to have a beer at one of the cool ruin bars downtown. Simply get around the city with public transport, as it is much easier, cheaper and comfortable. 

Ride on the bike route along the Danube bank (Buda side) and we will take care of your bike for free until you party at Sziget. Look for the Bicycle Storage on the Island. During the festival the bike routes connected to Sziget might be altered for safety reasons. For changes in the bike routes we will update you early August!

For the second time this year, the Let's go out! Association is organizing a free assistance service at Sziget Festival for those who use a wheelchair or are disabled in their mobility.
The professional staff of the Association will personalize the needs and help during the time spent at Sziget!
If you arrive with a friend who helps, you can still contact the Association so you can spend your time in its entirety on the Island!

How can you register?

Send an email to and they will send you a registration package. You also have the chance to meet the staff before the festival!
Spaces are available in a limited number, so hurry up with registering!

More information and photos of last year’s program at Sziget: