Make a Xmas wish!

Fri Dec 16 14:03:09 2016

Make the most of your time at Sziget Festival 2017 and wish for something super crazy and creative! Some will definitely come true next August! So, think big and let us know!

Wish anything from Sziget: anything that comes to your mind, that is important for you, would make you happy – let it be a wedding at the festival, the amount of beer as much you weight or meeting with the love of your life at Sziget…. it all depends on you. There is only one rule: it has to be connected to Sziget. With our Xmas wish game you can place your wish-star to the sky and wait for the Sziget angels, who will pick some dreams to make them come true. Don’t forget: Dreams do come true at #Sziget2017!

Click here to make a wish!