The Xmas winners just arrived

Mon Feb 27 16:22:37 2017

Every year we ask you Szitizens to submit your wildest dreams, so we can make them come true at Sziget! We already hosted weddings, organized birthday parties, made unique costumes and many more! This year we will have more than 15 wishes! Check them out!

Every year the Sziget Angels choose the most creative Xmas wishes that come true at the festival! The past years we had weddings, grill parties, birthday celebrations and all sorts of crazy stuffs happening during Sziget!

The Sziget Angels have now revealed this years dreams that will come true at Sziget 2017!

This year 17 wishes will come true!

Orsi’s wish:
And the 2017 Sziget Christmas wish goes to... Bori& Orsi, the two crazy girls, who would like to host one Spec Party next year! We would be flattered to host one of the best events at sziget's history, and make it even better, as it will be the 25th festival.Love you Island of Freedom!
Dóri’s wish:
My wish is not ordinary. I would like to have a ballett dress, of course with a tutu and one that is pink. I would like to bungee jump in this dress with a gopro!
Horea’s wish:
Beautiful breakfast served every morning/midday for me and my girlfriend in our tent like a real room service! I've never had room service or breakfast served in bed, it would be a dream! Make me feel a rockstar please santa :)
Daniel’s wish:
Dear Santa, my wish is to spend one night sleeping on the mainstage that way everyone can see what a beautiful sleeper I am.
Nika’s wish: 
Dear Santa! I'd really love to see a huge printed photo of Mission:Szitizen 2016 bronze winner team - Ginger's Witnesses - on the fence near the entrance to the island. I'm one of them, but the other members of the team don't know about my wish. Can't wait to see their smiles:)Love, Veronika
Ksenia’s wish:
Dear Sziget Santa,my dream is to be Sziget Super Woman. Please make me a superwoman dress, so I could protect all amazing szitizens!
Gábor’s wish:
A checked Sziget shirt (size L) from Károly Gerendai himself! :D
Alexa’s wish:
I would like to marry by girlfriend! Sziget is the only place in Hungary where I can do this. I will marry my love in the Netherlands this year, but it would be lovely to make this happen also at home! So, my biggest dream is to have a wonderdul wedding with the love of my life at Sziget!
Eefje’s wish:
Have the most amazing transfer with my five best friends from the airport to the Sziget festival (the 7th of August). So we can start this amazing week better than ever!
Job’s wish:
I want to perform a bottle flip at the sziget main stage! would be awesome if i could pull it off and the crowd will go wild!
Theres’s wish:
I wish for a bar to change the name of a cocktail to mine! ;)
Matthew’s wish:
One bottle of Fanta, I'm a simple man.
Lillan’s wish:
I would like to become one of the Sziget reporters for a short time :)
Iryna’s wish:
To have a personal boat (with fridge filled with drinks) that would take me and my friends on a trip down the Danube river! And then back to Szeged to have some fun! :)
Krisztián’s wish:
Last year my chair was gone :( I would like to have a really cool Sziget chair so I can manage this awesome week of the year! :)
Lili’s wish:
Dear Sziget Angels! My wish is to taste the best hamburger of Sziget in a unicorn onesie, so we can celebrate our wedding anniversary at Sziget! This is our biggest dream!
Anita’s wish:
Dear Sziget Angels! I would love to live edit one of the Main Stage concerts, so those who are standing in the back, won’t miss a great moment!

We choose 5 Szitizens who decided to immerse themselves to Hungarian culture, so they will have a super Hungarian program! :)

Bente’s wish:
Dear Santa,I wish a Hungarian diner at the Sziget beach with my 9 friends. I would like to toast with traditional Palinka to start an unforgettable week.
Marko’s wish:
-Speed dating between sitizens would be awsome. -Karaoke -hungarian language course -Drug test venue, people can test their drugs-Dance battle
Sven’s wish:
I'm going to Sziget again with 7 friends. We would like a typical Hungarian dinner in the Hungarian village at Sziget, so with Hungarian food, clothing and music. We love the country and it would be a nice way to attend Sziget again! Greets from the Netherlands, see you soon!
Karin’s wish:
My wish is to have a luxurious diner with all kind of roasted meat and veggies with my friends. Bbq in Hungarian style :)
Liese’s wish:
I wish to be Hungarian for one day, wear traditional clothes, do a dancing course, eat goulash and then drink a lot of palinka!
In addition we also have an exlclusive tattoo group, who can mark their 25th Sziget with a special tatoo:
Anna’s wish:
I want a custom made sziget tattoo. An original design and get inked on the Island of Freedom!
Frederic’s wish:
My wish is that you would make a special 25 year anniversary sziget design suitable for a tattoo so me and my brother can get it tattooed
Dan’s wish:
Appear in the aftermovie while getting a tattoo that contains the SZI from the Sziget logo.